Pay What You Can

Our Pay What You Can Season is changing (a little bit)!

Due to large amounts of ticket no shows on the day of the show, we feel we need to charge a small amount for tickets to try to guarantee audience numbers. The artists put in a lot of hard work to commit to a performance, and it can be disheartening when audience members aren’t present.

Our PWYC tickets will start at £2, and we have recommended pricing to help you to choose a price that works for you. If anyone needs to pay under £2 they can contact the Box Office, on [email protected] or call 01279 431925 to get a cheaper/free ticket.

Pay what you can logo

Making theatre accessible for all

We don’t want price to be a barrier to having a great theatre experience, you can simply pick the price you can pay (between £2, £5 or £10 or nothing), and enjoy the show!

You will still be paying what you can and you can still pay nothing at all! We are hoping that if you’ve purchased a ticket, even if it’s for £2 you’ll be more inclined to make the show! We just want as many of you, our lovely audience, to be there to support our equally lovely artists!

If you wish to donate more to the show donations can still be made on the Evening, using our PWYC buckets which will be located at the bar. You can also pay by card via the bar staff if you wish.