Giant Cash Bonanza

Join the Giant Cash Bonanza

The Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery was created in 2002 to raise funds for various good causes including the Harlow Playhouse.

How it works

For just £2 a week you can support the Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery, Harlow Playhouse. Click here to sign up to our Giant Cash Bonanza, or to find out if you are a winner!

Ten unique numbers are entered into the weekly draw and two unique numbers will be entered into the free draws and quarterly Super draws of £10,000 (March), £5,000 (June), £10,000 (September) and £5,000 (December).

Your lottery numbers will be entered into the draws together with the lottery numbers of other supporters of the Harlow Playhouse and supporters of other beneficiaries.

Monthly: £8.67 – Participation Fees

Quarterly: £26.00
Half-Yearly: £52.00
Yearly: £104.00

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