Productions and Commissions

Our commissions


We support the researching, making and developing of a brand new work that is made in and for Harlow. We see Harlow as a place that inspires artists to make brilliant work which will then go on to have national and international success, thus adding to the legacy of our town.

Here you can find information about all of the brilliant work that we have helped to make happen…

Smack That by Rhiannon Faith

Shameless and subversive dance theatre about human resilience, survival and how we care for one another.

Developed with Barbican as part of Open Lab.

Group of people stood in a circle all wearing the same clothes and hair touching hands

Islands by Caroline Horton

An ink black comedy about tax havens, enormous greed, and the few who have it all. Islands spits in the face of polite political debate. Incandescent with rage, it hurls out images of the putrid end-times of ultimate freedom and the rotten, violent underbelly of offshore finance.

Person on stage performing with microphone, wearing a scrum cap and brightly coloured clothing


This is a beautifully moving and honest dance theatre show about loneliness, forgiveness and friendship. Set within a spectacular and dramatic cloud structure, and based on a true story, two performers tell one man’s struggle through illness and suffering, and his desire to live in the sky.

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